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After trying out a personal-sized Filofax, I realized that I just felt cramped. 

Another issue I have with the Filofax is archiving.  I use my planner as a logbook to look back on later on in life, and I can never quite keep the Filofax pages together to archive properly.  It’s probably because part of the pages are personal size and some are A5. 

That is the benefit of having your journal/diary in a bound book such as Moleskine.  I have used Moleskine for this before, but I could never quite stick to it for a full year.  I decided that I would make my own and try it out in an Extra-Large Plain Moleskine.  Unfortunately, after spending hours drawing it out, I found it huge and hard to maneuver when writing on my lap.  But since I spent hours drawing it out, I’m going to try to stick with it for awhile.  The following are pics of my work of art.

There is plenty of extra pages left at the end of the notebook to add lists and extras.



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