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Logbook to “Art” Journal

Posted on: September 2, 2011

After reading about Laurie’s logbook on, I decided to make one of my own.  Since the year had already started, I decided just to use a ruled moleskine that I already had onhand.  Well, it started getting very boring and repetitive….grocery shopping, practiced on my court reporting machine, took kids to pool, rinse and repeat.  My pages were looking very sparse.

I could barely draw a stick figure and so my doodling basically was lettering and coloring, but I discovered art journals and decided to give it a try.  I purchased some drawing books at the art store and some watercolors and felt-tip pens and started trying to make this logbook more visual.  I thought it would be more interesting for the kids in the future than the above. 

This has become so addicting.  Here are a few of my pages:


3 Responses to "Logbook to “Art” Journal"

OMG! I cannot believe nobody has commented yet! Your drawings are overwhelming, phantastic, so creative! My I aks – btw – how long it takes you to draw one day/page? Looks like a lot of work!
But how absolutely wonderful for your kids to read this back in a few years. It’s like a comic strip of the own life!
Truly inspirational, I’m definitely a fan!!!!

Thank you! Since I’m just learning to use watercolors and basically drawing, it takes about a day, depending on the page. I usually work on it while watching television and can get a page done in a few hours. I’m finding that it’s getting easier and easier the more I practice. I always thought you either were born knowing how to draw or not, but that isn’t the case. Anyone can teach themselves how (esp. with the internet). I need just enough skill to capture my memories. Thanks for being a fan! I hope to put up more pages soon.

Absolutely inspired! I cannot believe you are a beginner in this art form – to me, your capture of your day is brilliant! An amazing way to record the important events & fun times & sometimes, even mundane things that makes up a full daily life! Thanks for a peek 🙂

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