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My last post was on my 20th Anniversary.  It turned out to be a terrible day.  My mother-in-law passed away that day.  Most people cringe at the thought of a mother-in-law, but I have to say I had the best.  She was the kindest, most loving woman.  She had 3 daughters and 7 sons, which made her a pro at being a mother-in-law by the time I came in the family.  She stayed out of our business and only said encouraging words.  I can almost say I got along better with her than I did my own mother; but, of course, who doesn’t argue with their mother every now and then.  She will be greatly missed.

So, our lives were clearly disrupted and I abandoned any planner/organizer this month.  I tried to keep up with my “logbook” so that I didn’t miss out on anything we did, but the entries were sparse.

My Filofax situation has changed a bit.  I was getting used to size of my personal size Filofax, but it was getting fairly heavy with all they pages you have to fill it with because the page sizes are so small.   And I decided I definitely need a bigger size, but not as big as the A5.  As much as I love the fine leather provided by the Filofax, I am back in my Dayrunner.  It’s a slimline version so very easy to slip in my bag when needed.  I realize I don’t have to carry it everywhere.  I can settle for a notepad to jot things down on and transfer them into my planner when I get home.  

I also found a Blue Sky binder I had that would make a perfect binder for the Moleskine weekly.  I’m tempted to try that first just to see how I do with a bound book.  (I’ve always failed with bound books).

Here are some pics:



I’ve hole-punched the Filofax pages to fit



Dayrunner (slimline zip)

You can barely tell by the ring size that there is a difference, but there is a huge difference in the weight (of course, Dayrunner uses simulated leather).

Blue Sky binder

Blue Sky binder

You can use a monthly on the left

 Weekly on right


Tomorrow is my 20th wedding anniversary and I have no idea what to get my husband.  He’s been wanting a new BBQ pitt but I’m saving that for Father’s Day.  He’s getting a new Swiss watch for being at his job for 15 years, so that’s out.  

What do you get a man that asks for nothing?  He is very conservative and usually returns anything I buy him because he feels it was too expensive or he could do something else with the money but then never gets himself anything.  It’s gotten to be really discouraging.  I know anything I buy will just be returned, unless it’s a bag of candy.  

I’m off to Walmart I guess.


    • Grace: I use a handheld punch (with one punch). It's tedious but worth it. It does overlap at the bottom but does not interfere with anything. In fact, I
    • Kristy: I just bought the A5 filofax. It was driving me crazy that I could not fund anything to fit at office depot. What did you use to hole punch? When you
    • ~AspireToBe: Absolutely inspired! I cannot believe you are a beginner in this art form - to me, your capture of your day is brilliant! An amazing way to record t