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My Old Faithful Filofax

Posted on: May 30, 2011

Well, the Moleskine trial didn’t last long.  It was great having all that space in a bound book, but it was just not a good fit.  I should have given it some more time, but I was missing the flexibility I have in a Filofax.  I like being able to change pages around and tear them out when I need to.  So, I came up with a new solution. 

I decided I was going to stick with my A5 and just carry it around with me everywhere.  So, I invested in a bigger bag (shown here with a personal size Classic Filofax):



But before I moved back into the A5, I decided to try the personal size again.  I was feeling very cramped before so I thought about using that blank page in between the week on 2 pages.  As I was inserting the blank page, I realized I could just extend the day space across the page and it may be comparable to the size of the A5 day spaces. 



To be continued….


4 Responses to "My Old Faithful Filofax"

Wow this is genius! I’m curious to see how you do with half the week in view at a time. What a great idea to get more space each day!

I really like the idea with the blank pages.
Although, I’m heavily in love with my A5 filofax. And since I love big bags, I don’t mind carrying it around with me. But should I ever switch bag to the Personal size, I’ll try your idea.

Gorgeous bag and Filo combo!! Can’t wait to see how using the blank page in between worked for you.

Loving the idea of creating the extra space that way – looking forward to hearing about how the experiment goes


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